Varda Interiors came to Mammoth wanting to reposition their high-end interior design firm. Michelle Varda, the owner and founder, was concerned that she had become the prominent focus of the brand. She had a desire to rebrand Varda as more of a team-based interior design firm, not just a one-person operation.


Varda Interiors was very much focused around the owner and her experience. In addition, the firm had a dated logo, website and other brand components. The goal was to update the look and feel of the Varda brand and to position the firm as a team of highly skilled interior designers.


Mammoth recommended that “Varda Interiors” become “The Varda Group.” The rationale for the rename was to convey the fact that the entity is more than just Michelle Varda and is actually a team of very talented and diverse interior design professionals.


Varda Interiors’ old logo was dated, so, in conjunction with the name change, Mammoth created a new logo and a design aesthetic that conveys a timeless, yet sophisticated, look and feel.


Mammoth also designed and developed a new website ( that mirrors the sophisticated, tasteful and timeless design that The Varda Group delivers.


Additionally, Mammoth designed and coordinated the production of an elegant business system that is used as a sales tool for current and prospective clients. The business system’s design is consistent with all other elements of The Varda Group’s new brand.


The Varda Group loves the new brand and brand components and reports that they have had very positive feedback. In addition, The Varda Group used the website within the first week of launch and reported that they had secured three new clients as a result.