Mammoth has worked with Idaho River Adventures (IRA) for more than four years, handling social media and design and recently built IRA a new website. Idaho River Adventures relies heavily on building a following on social media that can be marketed to repeatedly to fill their amazing river trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

Idaho River Adventures is a boutique adventure travel company that offers high-end river adventures. Finding customers to fill 10 - 20 trips a year is a challenge and IRA must constantly compete for clients’ valuable time and money against other alternatives.

Mammoth has built IRA’s social media following 10 fold. When Mammoth took over, IRA  had fewer than 500 Facebook followers. Currently IRA’s Facebook following is just over 3,100. This growth has been mainly organic, and has led to much better awareness and ultimately many bookings for the river trips. In addition to Facebook, Mammoth established a strong Instagram presence for IRA and has grown followers from a couple hundred to over 1,000.

What mammoth did

In addition to social media management and advertising, Mammoth advised IRA that a new website would help greatly in telling their story to potential clients. IRA agreed and, in 2017, Mammoth built and launched a new website that has led to immediate bookings and a strong digital presence that will continue to pay dividends for IRA into the future.


Idaho River Adventures has a greatly enhanced digital presence and continues to contract Mammoth to tell their story over social media and the website. Leads and bookings continue to flow from IRA’s vibrant digital presence.